FAQs for the salary guide of the Singaporean workforce

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Being one of the highest wages paying countries, the Singaporean government has defined a salary guide for one and all of the workforce. To evaluate your professional status, you must be aware of the ‘market salary’ for your job role. The Singapore salary guide will help you out to have a better idea of the salaries paid out in Singaporean countries.

Some frequently asked questions on Singaporean salary

  • What is the average salary paid by Singaporean organizations?

As per January 2022, the average salary for an employee paid out by companies in Singapore is S$ 5,783 per month. For Singaporean residents, full-time employees are paid a median gross monthly income including CPF contributions is S$ 4,563.

  • Does the term ‘minimum wage’ exist in Singapore?

Singapore Ministry of Manpower does not entertain the term ‘minimum wage’, i.e. there is no minimum wage defined by the government for workers in Singapore, local or foreign.

  • What does gross monthly income mean?

Gross monthly salary for an employee is his basic salary with extra wages prior to the deduction of personal income tax and employee CPF contributions. The extra wages can be an overtime pay or bonuses and commissions earned.

  • What is median salary and how is it different from gross salary?

The median salary of any career is the middle point of all the salaries paid out to that particular career. It is the point where half of the workforce earns more than it and the other half is lesser than it. Whereas, the gross salary of a month is the actual amount payable to an employee for that particular month.