What Are The Benefits Of A Serviced Apartment?

2 bedroom serviced apartment singapore

Whether a person is traveling for leisure or business, alone or with a group of friends or family, a serviced apartment can offer a variety of benefits to him. This article will provide a brief about some of such benefits that a serviced apartment is known to provide.

  • Space

A stay at a serviced apartment provides a person with the room to sleep, cook, work, and relax. One can expect to enjoy more or about 60% more space on average when compared to a standard hotel room. A typical 2 bedroom serviced apartment singapore offers four times the size of an average room at a hotel.

  • Meeting spaces

A person can use his apartment space to host meetings around his dining table. Some people also provide separate meeting rooms or assist a person to book external space if required.

  • Washing and cooking facilities

Having a personal kitchen is cost-effective, convenient, and perfect if a person has special dietary needs as he can self-cater. A serviced apartment at the very least possesses communal laundries, most of them having their dryers and washers to help a person with his laundry needs. Isn’t this cost-saving and convenient?

  • Free Wi-Fi

A serviced apartment provides free Wi-Fi to its guests as part of a standard package unlike a hotel or any other accommodations.

  • Location

A serviced apartment is generally situated in perfect locations. One can find them in almost every city in the world. They are located in many business districts as well as tourist destinations to meet the requirements of various groups of consumers.


A person can easily book a 2 bedroom serviced apartment singaporeas providers tend to offer online facilities to book rooms and shake hands with online booking agents. Book one today!