What you need to know about serviced apartments?

People often think that it has to be exciting and romantic to be on the road for extended periods. Meeting with new people and finding new cities can be enjoyable, it is true, but there may be something. Spending your life is nobody’s idea of pleasure, and after a while the novelty wears off there is a solution. Serviced apartments are like hotels, but instead of bathroom and just one bedroom they include all the conveniences of home, from a kitchen to laundry facilities. Apartments are a place while resorts are a place to sleep.

serviced apartments in singapore

In the past, flats like these were reserved for stays of several months. While they looked for work and permanent accommodation they have been used as accommodation for new arrivals at a town. Today the trend has moved towards short term stays. Businessmen may use them enjoying the advantages of a living area whilst. TheĀ serviced apartments in singapore are better than a hotel room. What is the difference, and why is it worth preventing hotels? Serviced apartments are simply dollar for dollar compared to hotel rooms. For the price you’d pay for a room in a hotel you can expect a bedroom, kitchen, lounge and large bathroom. For long term stays this makes all of the difference.

While it pleasant to have a daily cleaning service on a brief stay in a hotel especially when they leaves a mint on the pillow, for a longer stay it can get very annoying to have a daily disruption. A serviced apartment will offer cleaning a couple of times weekly, which should be sufficient to keep an apartment. Within a month stay in a resort, the expense of eating out could be phenomenal. A serviced apartment will include a kitchen with the fundamentals.